Jason Byrne
CTO @ Echelon Fitness. Founder of MileSplit. Entrepreneur, technology executive, historian, writer, Christian, family man, and track & field fan.

Weary travelers for four decades were kept awake by the funny signs and nourished by the taste of this Clewiston oasis.

Often times we want to test an entire process end-to-end that includes a process that hits a webhook on completion. Let’s do that with Flagpole and ngrok.

Lastinger Family Reunion from 1904. Joshua is left of center with the bow tie. (https://raycityhistory.wordpress.com/)

Too often we fail to think about where we want to go in our career and in life. This is a huge mistake.

Royalty-free photo by Flickr via Pexels

The comedians settled in Seminole County after retiring from a 15-year career, thrilling audiences around the country.

You may not know you have picked it up until you get home and examine yourself closely. Time to pick off the burs.

I wrote this originally as a devotion for my home church, Sanlando United Methodist.

Griffin Farm is the crown jewel of Lake Mary’s midtown. Until recently, it was the lifelong home of Lillian Humphrey Griffin.

Griffin Farm, last cattle ranch hold out in the core of Lake Mary, is seen here in 2011 on Google Street View.

Jason Byrne

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